Dreieich (again)

Here's a photo taken after our gig at Karlsruhe, which Rich took and emailed me - I forgot to mention this weird 'beach' area that the venue has, where we all enjoyed a post gig drink last night, while chatting to 'Doc' - our temporary sound man, who replaced Verena for a night - he is a fund of interesting stories about high profile gigs he has done with stars such as Robbie Williams.

Jonty, having had a cursory glance at this blog has just informed me that both Ulm and Karlsruhe are in the German state of Baden-Württemberg (not Bavaria - as I blithely stated here not long ago).  We moved by train from Karshruhe to Dusseldorf for our gig in Dreieich.

Whilst waiting at the station, I noticed Ben with a Vegan Royale from McDonalds, and remembered that when we stopped on our way to Laramie during our recent US tour for food - we had had to go to Burger King as they were the only fast food joint that did vegan food. Questioning him about this anomaly, Ben informed me that MacDonalds menus vary internationally and the Vegan Royale is only available in Germany and not the US and the UK. I'm not quite sure why I'm telling you this, other than it might be important information to be stored away for the future.

Customary chucking out of passengers in our reserved seats on the train.

I've been here many, many times but I still find Dusseldorf station very beautiful.  

Taxi from the station to the hotel - its unusual these days to be able to lift my phone to take a pic without Ben or Will gurning at the camera - here I managed to out smart them both! 

My suit hanging up to 'air' in the sun on the balcony of our hotel - this is tempting fate a bit as it was in this hotel that Dave's washing got blown off in a gust of wind several years ago - a story that has entered into Ukes myth and forever left this hotel to be known as Hotel Unterhosen (the Underpants Hotel).

Verena was back to sound engineer for this gig - sporting a bright green pair of shorts - it is always very hot when we play Dreieich and yesterday was no exception.

The organisers had thoughtfully rigged up a couple of parasols as the soundcheck is usually done in the full glare of the sun - the gig went over well and we were joined back at the hotel by our friends Doris and Klaus, and Eva Hofbauer for a drink afterwards. Travel tomorrow and then the last gig on Sunday, before we travel home on Monday.

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