Day 28 Travel/Gig Cedar Falls - Decorah IA

After our thoroughly enjoyable night in the Casino bar at Cedar Falls last night (some of the band sustained modest losses on the machines I heard later) it was time to head off to Decorah, also in Iowa for our next show. Here we are assembling in the foyer.

We met our driver Courtney, who would be taking us to the next two gigs and staying at the Decorah hotel. She turned out to be pretty cool and a good driver - the company you keep on the road is important, as everybody is on top of each other (metaphorically speaking).

It wasn't a long journey (about 85 miles/2 hours) - the landscape is pretty flat and unremarkable - lots of fields, barns and American flags.

The local roads here are pretty terrible, especially if you're in a bus, with potholes, cracks etc - I guess its the extremes of weather which take their toll, the highways are a bit better, but not a patch on motorways, autobahns in Europe. We stopped at a place called Fort Atkinson for a restroom break.

Lonely Barn

That's probably enough farm pictures (have to pad this out somehow)

A thoughtful card and bag of snacks from the show promoters awaited us in all out hotel rooms - it said on our schedule that we last played here in 2013 - a long time ago.

This is the 15th hotel we've been stayed at in 28 days. The hotel was fine, but a couple of miles out of town, and sadly, didn't have a bar, plus the campus was 'dry' as well.

Here's our green room

Putting a sign like that up is asking for it really.

Here's Doug at his desk 


We were interviewed for a college magazine (I think) by journalism student, Ursula, while we ate our dinner (which was very good) - the questions are always pretty much the same: - 'when did you meet', 'what's it like on the road'. There's no way around it though - those are the obvious questions to ask, they ask them - and we have the answers down pat.

Out of the window of our dining room, we could see the  football field for the University for Faith & Life, Luther College. The gig went over well and had a good response and met several old friends who came to see us.

Since we wanted to unwind a bit - Courtney (our driver) stopped on the way back to the hotel at a gas station where we bought beer and wine. 

Since the hotel was closed up we sat in the bright light of the breakfast room sipping our drinks. It'll be my 61st birthday tomorrow and I'll be spending it making an 8 hour bus journey to Lincoln, Nebraska! The band had thoughtfully made me a little film, where they had all sent me greetings from the confines of the airline toilets of various planes we have been on during this tour. They are a good bunch to be around with and we have all done well on this very long tour (30 days!).

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