Day 25 Gig Laramie

Statue outside the University of Wyoming

After our long day of travel yesterday we didn't have to get get to the gig until the afternoon - so the day passed catching up on sleep etc. Our hotel is the same one we stayed at when we were here in 2016. The weather here is pretty mild, although its quite high here (around 7000ft) and there is snow on the mountains surrounding the town, it's easy to get out of breath, if you run up a flight of stairs.

Lovely little story about this statue

Popped out, mid morning and had a walk around. Laramie is an old town, 5 minutes away by the hotel shuttle - but our hotel is in the middle of a retail park, near the University.

In the afternoon, I went back to my room and wrote this up and did a bit of light exercise and had some more sleep.

This is hotel no 13 of the tour

A quick lunch at McAlister's deli - delicious

Jonty had been into town and had bought some silver dollars, which are legal tender.

So at 3pm we set off to the theatre - which is on the campus, like a lot of the places we've played on this tour - nice food and backstage peeps.

The Green room

I talked to one of the tech guys backstage - apparently Wyoming voted Republican in the presidental election. I asked him if this would be reflected in our audience and he told us it was unlikely - Laramie is quite a cool hippie type place. So far on this tour, I haven't seen any MAGA hats in the audience and I think there has only been one email complaining about our (lighthearted) digs at the current US political situation - and we can't really talk given the chaos of Brexit back home. With the departure of Dave, Jonty has taken over his joke (the real purpose of our tour is to 'Make America Great Britain Again!') and it continues to get big laughs.

It was a great concert and despite some worries about the sound in the hall (very echo-ey) we really put it over, and got a standing ovation at the end. Plenty of people at the signing afterwards, including two women who'd flown from Colorado to Chicago, only to find our concert was cancelled, and then re booked for Laramie - and driven four hours to get here. The distances people travel in America never cease to amaze me.

These girls came up and asked Ben to sign his banana! He uses it as a prop in 'Fly Me Off The Handel', when the band interrupts his serious piece of classical music, by layering well known songs on top of it, creating a huge mash up. Fed up with this: - he peels a banana and takes a couple of bites out of it before chucking it over his shoulder. They'd gone and retrieved it from the stage - he's never signed a banana before!

Some ominous news for tomorrow - apparently there's a snowstorm coming in and it might affect getting to our next gig in Cedar Rapids.

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