Day 24 Travel/Gig San Jose - Denver - Laramie, WY

Today was a very long day of travel, as we girded our loins to leave California and travel on to Wyoming, where our next gig will be (in Laramie tomorrow). After our gig last night, we got ready to leave at midday, so at least we'd all had a good nights sleep.

Loading up

The drive from Modesto to San Jose airport, took a couple of hours - back through the rolling hills, which reminded me vaguely of Scotland. 

More checking in, this will be our 17th flight of the tour and we will be staying in our 13th hotel tonight. One of the most tedious things about airports is the process of passing through security and having to remove shoes, belt, computers from bags etc and then having to put them back on again.

We all grabbed bagels from this joint while waiting to board

Enjoying our two and a half hour flight to Denver - the plane was rammed natürlich!

Arriving at Denver (a huge international hub) we then faced the long long walk (and monorail ride) to pick up our bags at the terminal.

Lonely Ukes - waiting for our bus to take us on to Laramie - a two and a half hour journey.

More waiting

The bus, when it came, didn't have front facing seating, like we'd specifically asked for, but was one of these stupid 'limo style' affairs - we are a band not a Stag/Hen Night!

The only choices for food were in the service station after about an hours driving - either McDonalds or Burger King. In deference to Ben, a vegan - we pumped for Burger King, as they serve a vegetarian option. This was my third fast food meal in a week - NOT GOOD!

Arriving at the hotel in Laramie at 10.30 at night

Recovering from the trip with a well earned drink - we were all pretty pooped, its strange, how the act of travelling, which in itself is pretty passive, can make you so tired? Still, we've got a lie in tomorrow and then a gig in the evening so we should be fresh.

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