Day 23 - Here's lookin at you Jake!

After my CRAY-ZEEE Saturday night in Modesto (see yesterday) we had a pretty easy morning before we had to go to the theatre and play. I lounged around in the hotel during the morning and went out for a walk - the weather here is pretty balmy, tomorrow it'll be cold when we head to north to Wyoming. I bumped into manager Jodi in the local juice shop as we both decided on a healthy breakfast. She told me a couple of interesting things: quite often in this age of hyper connectivity - no sooner have we played Nowheresville, Nebraska, than an email will ping into the office saying - "Hey - you guys are great! - just discovered you on youtube - when are you coming to Nowherseville, Nebraska?" Answer - we were there last week!

Cool looking Mexican guy in the lobby

So at one o'clock, we strolled over the the theatre

More strolling

Walking up to the stage door

Green room - the Gallo Centre is a great place and many heavy hitters have played here and their posters line the walls backstage.

The Gallo Centre has two auditoriums - the one we were playing in seated about 1100 peeps. Richie informed me that it is named after some branch of the Californian winemaking family Ernesto & Julio Gallo - who must have been major sponsors in its building.

Soundcheck - I'm still enjoying being on the end (in the absence of Dave)

It is one of the anomalies of being a musician that you'll rarely get to hear other musicians you admire, because you're so busy gigging yourself. We briefly met James Hill and Andy Eastwood last year at the Austrian Ukulele Festival both amazing players (and always on the road). We've not yet met Jake Shimabukuro the Hawaiian virtuoso, who is one of the major cheeses of the ukulele world, his version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps went viral on youtube 10 years ago and he's been gigging ever since. We found out that he was in Santa Barbara  the same time as us (4th April) but sadly, the stars didn't align and we didn't get to meet - hopefully next time.

Here's what the auditorium looked like - in the brochure it said that the concert was sponsored by Beard Land Investments.

Getting ready to go on

While it was quite hot in the hall, the gig was a real blinder - and lots of enthusiatic peeps at the signing afterwards.

They took a picture of me, so I took one of them!

Got to have a play on this solid bodied uke

Some interesting people came by to say hello - Uke freak and Attorney at Law, Jeb Robert -  passed us his card and murmured to give him a call if we ran into trouble with the law - I passed him my Airline Toilets business card and told him I'd probably be in touch sooner than he thought. Also there was a very good looking Anglo German couple with their angelic daughter who'd come all the way from Seattle, for a romantic weekend and to catch the Ukes????  Spotted this voodoo Barbie doll on the way back from the gig - the show was a matinee btw, hence it's still daylight.

Well after the gig was finished, and we'd had a few drinks at the hotel, some of us did 'the Walk of Shame' for some fast food - here's Doug and Ben getting food at Taco Bell.  The staff took one look at Doug and immediately gave him a 'senior discount' - the bastard! On the walk back to the hotel, I heard the omnipresent train whistle, just as we were passing by the level crossing and so I looked at my watch. The train (travelling at about 60kph) took an incredible 1 minute 45 seconds to go through - that train must have been a mile long - at least!

Long day of travel tomorrow Campers

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