Day 21 Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA

The Ukes at the Cerritos Centre, Los Angeles

Today (Friday) is the 25th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, I spent most of the 3 hour journey down to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara reading about his life and influence in the New York Times. It must be strange to get that famous, that quickly, to the point where it drives you to suicide - he was only 27. Somewhere on this planet, the stars are aligning and the big cosmic finger is pointing down at some sort of new scene (it happened in Seattle in the 90's or Liverpool in the 60's) and something new will be emerging. 

For some reason, I'm still waking up at 6am despite not needing to - I guess I'm just an early morning person - I finally got to sleep last night at around 12.30, but I had a bit of a sleep on the bus journey down to LA.

and just to prove it, here's a picture of me laid out on the back seat getting some the zeds in.

We stopped for a pee/food break after an hour and a half - I need to pee quite regularly as I'm a big coffee drinker and here they drink gallons of it. Since we've eaten extremely well on this tour - me and Doug decided to walk the walk of shame and cop a burger - if you don't have them very often (it was Dougs first of the year - he claimed) they don't taste half bad (its the flavour enchancers I guess). 

Walking to the front of the bus to get a photo of this sign, I asked the driver how much longer our journey would be and he said 'an hour' - LA is a vast sprawling metropolis. Cerritos, where we will play tonight, and where we've played four or five times already, is a sort of Croydon of LA (Read Dave's theory about Croydon here)

Look on my works ye mighty and despair! - sorry Campers, this tour is getting to me...

The Cerritos Centre - it seats about 1000 (I'd guess)

Getting ready to soundcheck

Here we are signing - lots of people came by to say hello.

And finally heres John Atkins "The Ukulele Teacher" who came along with his wife Tiffany - he lives and works here in LA  - I interviewed him last year. It was a real pleasure to see them both and I took the opportunity to present him with an Airline Toilets Theatre Company mug - I'm going to start selling some branded merchandise in the summer and since he's been a longtime supporter of my toilet work - I'm sure that he'll raise a mug to that! 

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