Day 19 Travel Sacramento - Los Angeles

A Vision in Brown - Rich's photo of me at the Mondavi Centre last night
It is Day 19 of the tour and, so far so good. I chatted this morning with Doug, he told me he had had a strange dream last night: he was kidnapped in Iraq but escaped, but was then recaptured by some people who may or may not have been trying to kill him!? We discussed last night's gig and the 'dry' sound which we had all found so disconcerting, despite the good reception. On the road, the sound man is basically God (Doug argues that he should be considered God all the time). I remember, ages ago, when we didn’t travel with a sound man, and had to use the local ‘talent’ - this once led to us having to get rid of a local sound guy we’d hired in Australia as he wasn’t up to the job (eg feedback on stage, in the auditorium etc) and we we're just about to play the Sydney Opera House. That was a nightmare.

Waiting in reception to go to Sacramento airport

Chatted with Jodi (manager) - she gets all the emails to the UOGB website - it turned out that someone has written an email, complaining about our version of 'Every Breath You Take' (Police cover) at the Mondavi theatre last night. We do a fairly straight version of it, introduced and sung by Jonty, who recounts that when we played China last year - we had to submit ALL the lyrics in our show, for government scrutiny prior to our tour, and some weren't allowed, but this song (EBYT) was fine - we then play the song.  Apparently, the correspondent had thought it highly inappropriate in this #metoo era, to play this particular song - I'd have thought it's probably ruder to the Chinese? You can't please all the people all the time I guess.Here's a better photo of the suitcase stack at Sacramento airport - I wonder how much it all weighs?

My suitcase weight is still under 50g

Check in schmeck in

Waiting at Sacramento for out plane to LAX

After we arrived at LAX, we had to take a bus 100 miles up the coast to Santa Barbara, near to where our next gig is in Isla Vista. This turned out to be a long journey (3 hours+) due to the hideous Los Angeles traffic - luckily for me, I was in the back seat and spread out and got to get a good hour of shut eye, while we wormed our way through the jams out onto the highway to Santa Barbara. Once out of the traffic, the bus driver drove like a maniac, and we've got him again in a couple of days, when we drive back to LA, to Cerritos in the burbs.

Highway 101 (I believe)

Stopping off for snacks en route

Checking in - this is our 10th hotel of the tour

We've stayed at this hotel 3/4 times over the past 10 years - it used to house an incredible collection of surfboards and one time, all hung up in the bar - including the one from Apocalypse Now.

After we arrived we all ambled out for something to eat, walking into this stunning sunset. Some Americans I meet, confess themselves in awe of European culture etc, but I'd argue that during the 20th century, the US has completely dominated the two most vital art forms, namely music and cinema. So as a European, this view instantly reminded me of the Eagles 'Hotel California' and I could walk around any number of cities (Santa Fe for example) here and be instantly familiar with them, having seen them all in the cinema.....

No gig tonight Campers, but we've got outreach and a show tomorrow - see you then


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