Day 13 DAY OFF

I wasn't going to post anything today, but since I woke up at 3.30AM!!! and stared at the ceiling for a bit, I thought I might as well write something before trying to get back to sleep. Yesterday I did precisely NOTHING, barring eating a bit, sleeping a lot and hanging around in my my room (very comfortable). I haven't seen any of the other Ukes, but apparently they all went to the beach and visited the hotel made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the film 'Some Like it Hot". We're on Day 12 and have done 10 flights and are staying in our seventh hotel - but morale is generally good.
Our hotel is downtown and comfortable - although there is a lot of homelessness around here, which I remember from our visits to California before. I spent some time in the lobby on my computer - the decor is a good stab at 'Versailles' type magnificence, only slightly ruined by heariing 'Green Onions' over the PA system.When we arrived last night, I opened my room door and the 'The Girl from Ipanema' was playing on the tv, I remembered a tweet from film director Edgar Wright, who usually turns the muzak immediately off once he gets in his room, but had absentmindedly begun leaving it on - due to the turbulent political situation around the world......
View from the 11th floor
At midday I went out for food and walked around a bit - these scooters are everywhere and are a bit like the rental bikes in London - you've got to have the app on your phone to use them.
A new building is going up opposite our hotel - I watched the workmen putting in the enormous plate glass windows for a while before I bumped into Doug (our sound guy) and we had an interesting chat. I've wanted to profile both him and Verena (our German sound tech) for this blog, but they are both far too modest (unlike the rest of us preening egomaniacs). While he's done all our US tours, he'd also been here 30 years before when he was sound tech for Greek singer Nana Mouskouri  she was a huge star back in the 60s/70s/80s and spoke English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese - I guess she's retired now - she used to average 100 shows a year too, travelling with her husband and an 8 piece band. I remembered that when Doug hit 60, Will had written to her and she'd sent him a birthday card!
Time Capsule outside the foyer of the hotel - I've discovered that the cowboy song I've been humming the last two days 'Along the Santa Fe Trail' was actually written by a Viennese refugee Wilhem Grosz!
Saw three cops chatting and so I introduced myself as a tourist (much easier) from London and could we have a photo - they were all nice guys!
A strange thing happened in the lift yesterday: I was waiting on the 11th floor with a young woman to go down to the lobby - when the door opened, there was a short androgynous looking man in a Hawaiian shirt, probably about 65/70 years old, counting some dollars in his hand. The lift door closed and as we descended, the woman turned to the man and said
"Excuse me, are you on (?) TV show?
"Yes I am"
"OMG - Could I have a photo?"
She whipped out her phone and took a quick selfie with him, before exiting on the 2nd floor, with a quick "You're Awesome!".
The door closed as me and the famous tv person continued our journey to the lobby -  he turned to me and said out of the corner of his mouth:
“It comes with the dinner” 
I still don’t have a clue who he was..........


  • Phredd
    Peter, Preening Egomaniacs would be a great name for a band!

    Peter, Preening Egomaniacs would be a great name for a band!

  • Peter
    Yes, I guess it might be Phredd! x

    Yes, I guess it might be Phredd! x

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