Day 10 Travel Santa Fe - Dallas, TX

I woke up at 6am (it was still dark) and went out onto the balcony to listen to the dawn chorus from my balcony - the stars are incredibly clear here. I had the song 'Along the Santa Fe Trail' running through my head which had been played the night before by the Santa Fe Ukulele & Social Club who had played before our show. Since my voice was a bit hoarse, I decided to try and speak as little as possible throughout the day. So I went down to breakfast and the first person bumped into was Richie (The King of Chat) and we had breakfast together, but with a bit of food - a burrito breakfast log (enormous) I began to feel better.

Today was a day of travel, as the band moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Boerne in Texas - since we weren't leaving until 1.30, I was able to go into town and have a look around. The sun is very fierce here - stay a half hour outside and you'll start to feel it on your skin - it must be the altitude.
Old reclaimation yard - some nice bits of carved wood in here.
I came back and found the Ukes waiting for the bus to take us to the airport. Our next gig is in Boerne (pronounced 'Bernie" as in Bernie Saunders) and is back in Texas. Chatting to Jonty a few days ago about the crazy scheduling - I found out that we were originally going to start the tour in Chicago (where our gig was cancelled) but then the offer of a show in Houston came along (where our first show was). This is why we are going back to Texas (cue song)
Three of us will have birthdays on this tour (me, Dave and Richie) - we joke that we're the hARIES boys. Dave and Rich have birthdays on the same day (30th March) and mine is on the 13 April. Richie's wife, Jenny, will be coming out to join us for a bit on the tour, while Dave's partner, Marie, is a Texas girl, so will be joining us in Boerne (where we're travelling to).
Checking in at the tiny airport in Santa Fe
The areodrome/runway - snow capped mountains in the distance.
Plaque commemorating the building of the airport
Here are the suburbs of Dallas, where we would change planes. The flight was unremarkable, save for the fact that I was sitting in front of two ball busting women (travelling with tiny dogs at their feet in holdalls! - chihuahuas?) chatting at the top of their lungs about various things (with plenty of 'cussin - as they say in Texas). One of them was a doctor, I think (she was talking about her license?) and had been recently sued for $975,000 dollars, a case which she had vigorously defended and won. For the duration of the flight, I listened to the two ladies blather on about the a litany of bad dates they'd been on, their divorces and the general rotteness of the men in their lives (who all had unimpressive cars). I remembered a conversation I'd had after our gig in Houston a few days ago, with a member of the Houston Ukulele Society, who'd explained about the differences between towns in Texas. Houston, was more genteel (it had ballet/opera) whereas Dallas was way more brash - I wondered if the girls were on their way home to Dallas?
Changing planes at Dallas
On the monorail to take us to our gate - like Denver, Dallas is an internatioonal hub and enormous
All of the Ukes were under strict instructions from me to take as much nightime footage of the sprawling city at night for my next ATTC film. Unfortunately we ALL had middle seats, which made it impossible to get any footage, only Ben in a striking display of boldness, leaned over the sleeping girl next to the window and got me some excellent clips.

After the plane landed (at 10.30pm) we all piled into our bus and headed off to out hotel. We don't have to get up early tomorrow, thank God!


  • Kathy
    That story of the ball-bustin’ women was hilarious!! Texas is like a whole different universe. Safe travels!

    That story of the ball-bustin’ women was hilarious!! Texas is like a whole different universe. Safe travels!

  • Peter
    Thanks Kathy!

    Thanks Kathy!

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