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Another day, another few gigs. We are doing two shows in the West of England (Yeovil and Exeter) with our regular touring crew - Jonty, Will, Leisa, Richie, Ben, Hester, me and Dave, plus Doug (sound) and Jamie (tour managing). These are the last few gigs in England before we go off to Germany at the end of June for a 12 day tour.

The West of England is a long way for me (I live on the east coast of England) but the drive wasn't too bad - about four hours, and certainly not as long as the drive to and from Scotland which I did a few weeks ago. Here's me driving past Stonehenge.

Whenever we play Yeovil, through some mysterious anomaly, we always seem to stay at the Lanes Spa and Hotel, which makes a change from the usual Premier Inns - it is truly a fabulous hotel.  

On arrival at the theatre, I saw the usual placards advertising other acts playing at the theatre - Psychic Sally is still going strong - maybe she ought to team up with the Ladyboys of Bangkok (the other act that we always see advertised on the road) and do a psychic cross dressing show - that would be something I'd pay to see.......

Octagon Theatre facade 

As I walked backstage, I found the whole area plastered with photos of acts who have played here - these are The Drifters (seminal US Doo Wop act) who had a second lease of life after their '50s heyday in the States, when they came to in the UK in the '60s and '70s and had plenty more hits here (here's one of my faves). I remember Dave telling me, years ago,  when he went to see Jonty playing bass with legendary US soul singer Luddy Samms (long resident in the UK) and asked him if he'd ever sung with the Drifters? Apparently, Luddy gave him an awful jaded look and said "every N-word's sung with the Drifters!"

Even we'd made in onto the wall 

Backstage lights 

Doug twiddling his knobs 

Backstage bull - wonder what show it was from? 

Band gets ready to soundcheck

The usual superlative British backstage catering

Talk about jaded looks - here's Dave and me at soundcheck.

and a slightly more cheery pic 

Another good show under our belt - here we are signing afterwards 

and relaxing back at the hotel - Exeter tomorrow... 



Thanks Alun - glad he enjoyed the show!
Peter, I finally persuaded my flute playing bro-in-law to go and see you,as you are not going to get any closer to his front door; quote, "it was brilliant-best night out I've for ages. " Glad that bigging you up didn't go wrong. Thanks.... Alun.

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