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Workshop Day, Greenville, South Carolina

Our gig at the Peace Centre last night was probably the best of the tour so far, as we were well rested before. There was a huge queue of people waiting for us to sign thier ukuleles etc when we came out. One woman burst into tears and said she'd been waiting 20 years to see us - so we all had a photo together and we promised her we'd be coming back. Its been good staying in the same place for three nights and the Poinsett Hotel is a charming place, all the staff constantly wishing you a nice day etc. The hotel, named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, a famous local resident, who amongst other things in his eventful life, introduced the poinsettia flower to the US

I woke up early and went looking for some breakfast and was accosted by this lady, Mary Bernard, jogging with her trainer. She had been at the concert the night before and had been impressed - she also told me her husband Alex - a mandolin player, would be coming along to our workshop later that morning.

The weather too has been pretty pleasant, sunny with a little wind, I came back to the hotel after my breakfast and we set off for the workshop, which was held in an ante chamber at the Peace Centre.

First of all we did a workshop with a group of about 30 kids from the local school and afterwards a masterclass for anybody who wanted to turn up, 'Masterclass is a bit of a pretentious phrase and quite often (after a few tunes) these events turn into an excuse to spin showbiz yarns: 'whats the queen really like? 'was the north pole really cold' etc etc

Civil rights at the local school and below is the inscription; theres a lot of history in this town.

Southern nachos for lunch bought of a local stall

Some of us went out in the evening to Sticky Fingers, a local ribshack - the portions over here are enourmous!

We're headed back to New Hampshire tomorrow, so I'm going to have to put my coat back on.....



And Marie is smiling- always a good sign!

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