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Who's Your Daddy?

After landing at Hamburg yesterday we immediately got onto our bus and left for Rostock. After many years of having photos of me snoozing backstage plastered all over social media, its good to get my own back - Will, Dave and Richie - who's your Daddy!

Rostock is a seaside town and formally part of the German Democratic Republic.

Our venue was this extremely groovy derelict warehouse, which is called Halle 207. According to the programme notes, it was a shipyard/factory built in 1851 on the Neptune Wharf - it has been stripped down and made into a concert venue - very postindustrial! The gig was good despite our tiredness, our two missing bandmates and the heat - probably about 850/900 peeps came and the show was sold out.

Afterward we went back the the Hotel Neptun which again, is very groovy. It was been here for sometime and apparently Fidel Castro stayed here when he visited East Germany!

The hotel is enormous and my room was on the 12th floor with its own balcony with a straight drop - knowing my own nocturnal habits I made sure I locked the door. I was so shattered I didn't look out of the window until this morning - I love swimming in the sea and of course I didn't pack my swimming costume.



Thank you Julie, thank you Ricky - looking forward to catching up with both of you soon. Until then keep well. XX
I think Richie, Will and Dave have to admit it : you are the master for snoozing pictures Peter :) Can't wait to see you next week ! Julie
As usual, I enjoyed it very much!

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