Tony Penultimate


And so we came to the splendid, ornate and rococo Prinzregententheater in Munich, where Richard Strauss personally conducted his celebrated opera 'Salome'..........

Where the management of the theatre had thoughtfully laid out a magnificent spread of amuse bouches, snacks and hors d'ouvres to greet the weary travellers .....................


Where, within five minutes of the arrival of the Ukes (those rancid road animals) somebody (persons unknown) had played havoc with the alphabetical biscuits (no, I don't know who Sophie is either!). As a responsible blogger, let me just reiterate that I abhor such juvenile behaviour.

Due to the illness of Verena, our German sound engineer (get better soon, if you're reading this Verena!) we had a long soundcheck with a local sound crew - who were fantastic. We then had to rush to the restaurant to wolf down our meal, which was a shame, as it was a real high end joint (as us classy people say).

Will demonstrates his impeccable table manners, as I prepare to tuck in to my steak tartare - thoughtfully signed by the chef.

It has been a good tour, and good to finish on a high (our last gig was the best!) To all our Austrian and German audiences, the Ukes salute you, for your hospitality and your generosity!

Thanks also to our friend Eva, who came to two gigs and brought us all her traditional gift of a giant bag of chocolates.

Back on the road in two weeks Campers! Until then, adieu........



Thanks Ricky! I only hear good things about you, your hand is getting used a lot round our house! Keep well and Love to Ruby
You guys!Yes, Peter, that is juvenile to the enth degree! Wonder why these folks around here say that about me? Great piece again! ta ta!

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