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Warwick and home

Yesterday was an unremarkable day really, gave the girls (Hester and Leisa) a lift from Worcester to Warwick, autumn has really set in and I enjoy watching the seasons change. We had a rehearsal in the afternoon and then played the gig at the Warwick Arts Centre (at the university) - what a barn of a place - quite a contrast to the intimacy of Huntingdon Hall the night before.

We've also tried a couple of new songs on this tour which keeps things fresh and they've gone down well.

 If ever I decide to make a ukulele zombie movie, I've found the perfect location here at the University of Warwick campus

Viola working away while the band rehearse (below) - the crutch is Dave's not Violas!


"But look, the morn, in russet mantle clad, walks o'er the dew of yon high eastward hill" - view from my hotel room at the Ramada Inn before I drive home -   Stay Classy Coventry!


Keep watching this space,  I will probably catch you again on the 3rd November, when we play in Cologne/Koln, Germany - so until then, thanks for reading everyone and best wishes from uogbland.



Thanks Andrea, as long as you read them, I'll keep writing them - keep well.
very nice blog, I like to read this tour life! thanks!

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