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Dont think I've ever blogged from Sweden before, even though the band has been here many times. After a long sleep in our hotel (about 10 minutes walk from the venue) I woke up and went down to breakfast - there's an old saying; "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" so I got stuck into the herring which some Swedes like to eat for breakfast and I've acquired a bit of a taste for. I spent the morning dozing and watching cross country skiing on the TV (a sport which is pretty popular here but makes for a dull spectator spectacle IMHO.

River Fyris with Uppsala Cathedral on left

Around late morning I went for a walk around town - Uppsala is quite a well known university town in Sweden. I'm familiar with it from previous visits and have good memories of it when my wife and daughter came out (that was in the days when we used to do week long residencies at smaller theatres in Germany and Scandinavia). The cold is different here from the UK, much drier, so the temperature can be lower, but feel warmer than the same temp in the UK - which is damper).

Walking to the gig, since its a Sunday, we're playing a 6pm matinee.

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

I remember the last time we played here, the walkways can make you a bit dizzy if you suffer from vertigo

Another red interior

On the left is the fort that dominates the town (built by the great Swedish King Gustaphus Adolphus) and on the right is the Cathedral - the low building in the middle is the university - all this related to me by Dave, who is quite knowledgable about local history.

The theatre Green room with real greenery!

They spelt our name right but left off a capital letter on ukulele! I started on a food photo, so I'll finish on one - great food again.




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