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UOGB US Tour Dec 2016

Up at the crack of dawn (since its winter, dawn is at 07.15, so not so bad) and clutching my new suitcase (£28 at the local discount store - we’ll see how long it lasts!) the Ukes are off touring again. We’ll be away until the 20th Dec, when we arrive back in the UK in time for Christmas. Looking at the schedule, there are twelve gigs at eleven different venues, plus some workshops here and there. Many of these venues we’ve played before, as I’ll doubtless remember when we arrive at them. 

There are eight domestic flights and we have a couple of killer days: one, with a gig in Arcata, Northern California, followed by a 4.30 am wake up call, a two hour flight, a bus journey, plus a gig in Santa Barbara in the evening - and they say that playing the ukulele makes you happy!

Many of our gigs in the US are in theatres, situated on university campuses, so we are not really part of the ‘rock”’ circuit at all - even in Europe we are always playing in theatres.

Sadly we will be without Hester, who stays with her family in the UK, she’ll be doing the US tour with us next year in April. Ben Rouse is taking her place, he is always great to have in the band - either on bass or ukulele (good singer too).

I found this vintage luggage tag (above) in my parent effects and I’ve been using their scales (below) in my trips recently - you’ve got to love analogue technology!

I’ll keep you posted…….



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