Tony Penultimate

Turku to you too

We had a good gig last night in Hameedlinna and then went to the bar opposite the hotel for a drink afterwards. Finland is two hours ahead of the UK and while I was tired, it seemed a good idea to try and keep up with time back home as w’re only here for another day.

When I stepped out of the hotel after breakfast this morning, I was immediately accosted by a Jehovahs Witness who spoke to me rapidly in Finnish, but seeing my incomprehension realised that I was english and asked me if I’d heard the good news. I’m not particularly religious but said that I had heard the good news and was a regular visitor at my local church (my standard line to neutralise any further conversation) she gave me a pamphlet and I wished her well and told her she lived in a beautiful country - I wish I’d taken her picture, instead got a picture of their stand instead.

I discovered that Hameedlinna is the birthplace of Jean Sibelius who’s beautiful tune Finlandia, we played last night. His house is around the block from our hotel.

One of Rowans vans broke down this morning so we were delayed, plenty of rock'n'roll style hanging around............

Or as we say in the Ukes 'don't be late for the hanging around.....'

Barns in the mist on the way to Turku



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