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Travelling Brilliantly between Phoenix and Laramie

Apologies for not posting anything yesterday but I spent the whole day (6th) in bed and managed to get myself to the gig in Laramie, I'd contracted some kind of viral thing which I'm only now getting over - Leisa has had something similar. I'll have to try and catch up - anyway to continue from where we left off, leaving Phoenix, here we go.......................

The American comedian Bill Hicks, used to have a routine where he asked if there was anyone in his audience who worked in advertising or marketing, and then he advised them to kill themselves.

I thought of this when a copy of the bill was slipped under my door last night, I flipped it over and saw this slogan (above) what an unbelievably stupid thing to say.....especially where this tour has been concerned.

These are the Marriott brothers - a portrait in the lobby of the Phoenix Marriott 

So after our gig in Phoenix, off we jolly well went to the airport to get on a flight to Denver and then a two hour bus journey to Laramie in Wyoming.


 Viaduct, on our way to the airport at Phoenix


 Doctors advertisements in the inflight magazine


Richie and Jonty on the monorail between terminals at Denver 

 Driving to Laramie from Denver Airport.

I'll try and fill you in tomorrow about how woefully unprepared my clothing requirements have been for this tour, lets just say that its started to get cold!


 Our ridiculous limousine

When we finally found our bus at Denver airport, it turned out to be one of these stupid limousines which we'd specifically asked NOT to be provided with. We'd had one before and after some initial merriment we'd all decided that they were dangerous - no seat belts! Added to this was the fact that it was getting colder and the door of the limo had a hole in it, so it really was cold and getting colder. The driver then overshot the exit which meant we had to go 5 miles up the road before we could turn around - truly a miserable journey.

Being taken out to dinner by the promoter.

One bright spot was being taken out to a very good restaurant by the promoter plus her team who were all students at the university. Richie (the King of Chat) was relating to them an anecdote where we had met Meatloaf, the singer while doing a session at the BBC.

Cue blank faces - "Who's Meatloaf"

I thought everyone would have heard of him? Nevertheless, I decided to jump in, making light of a thirty five year age difference between Rich and me and the students; pulling out the ace up my sleeve.

"Perhaps you're familiar with the work of Gucci Mane, the rapper?"(4 Dec blog) - there was general agreement that they had heard of him.

"Or his protege, Young Thug? I continued - "he dropped a mixtape last week" I said casually, studying my nails.

The conversation could have gone on, but by now, I noticed that my temperature was rocketing and caught a cab back to the hotel and went straight to bed.


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