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Travelin' Man (Travel Day 3)

Yesterday was a day of travel, so after the 'industrial style' breakfast at the Holiday Inn (full of additives) and which we were damn grateful for (most hotels in the US don't have breakfast included like they do in Europe) we set off on our journey to Portland, Maine, where we will play our next show. We have a two and a half our bus journey to the airport, and then two flights, Minneapolis - Philadelphia, and Philadelphia to Portland.

During our signing/meet and greet session after our gig at Mason City (we have no CD's to sell - too expensive to get them over here) a guy had come over and told us that we were not far from the airfield where Buddy Holly’s airplane had taken off - it crashed later in Clear Lake, Iowa in 1959 - he was in a hurry to get his laundry done apparently! It's familiar to people of my generation through Don Mclean's wonderful song "American Pie". Here's a rather nondescript picture of the airfield (above).

I’ll miss Iowa, and once again on our long, but not uncomfortable, journey to Minneapolis, those evocative signs passed by: Manly, Glenville, Clarks Grove, Geneva, Ellendale, Clinton Falls, Medford, Faribault, Cannon City.......

Another farmhouse

While I might not have had the time to get out and visit anywhere, one still gets an impressionistic feel for the landscape from a tour bus.

After arriving at Minneapolis Airport, we said goodbye to our driver for the last three days, Dave. He's been good company and a good friend to the band.

Will was once described as 'the handsomest member of the UOGB' - look how years on the road have taken their terrible toll.

Plane to Philadelphia - is that fool trying to growing a moustache?

Philadelphia from the air

Changing terminals at Philadelphia

In transit on the bus

A good American friend of the band, Ricky Upton, once told me that "what Europe is to history, America is to distance". I'm not sure I agree with him, there's plenty of history here - just a different sort. But you do get a feel for the size of the US, just looking at the departure boards in a major hub like Philadelphia - thousands of flights going to thousands of places - and that's just domestic.

While waiting for our connection to Portland, Richie, Dave and I, went and got some Chinese food. Richie presented me with a fortune cookie, my first since December 2016. I should point out to you Campers, that FORTUNE COOKIES ARE A PACK OF LIES so I'll be doing the opposite to what it says in the photo.

Our plane was held up on the runway for an hour and so we waited - here's Jonty dozing.

and waited and waited as the sun went down.

It looks more like a ferret to me.....

And finally we arrived at Portland at 9 o'clock in the evening. We've toured here before, and some of us went into town to get something to eat, while Jonty, Dave and I went to the hotel bar, before retiring to our rooms. Guten Nacht!



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