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Travel Day USA

Will, Ewan and Doug

Its been a long, but not unpleasant day. The Ukes are off to tour the US (13 shows and a few workshops) - mostly on the eastern seaboard and a bit in the midwest and the south. We took our flight from Gatwick airport to JFK in New York at a fairly civilised hour hour in the mid afternoon.

We are eight players: me, Jonty, Leisa, Will, Richie, Dave, Ben Rouse and Ewan Wardrop (middle top picture) plus Jodi tour managing . Ben told me recently he'd done well over 100 gigs with the Ukes, and he's beginning to get that dead eyed, knackered look that comes from too much traveling (ha ha) he's a good guy to have on tour. He's got a new custom made ukulele - hopefully he won't drop it this time!  Ewan, I don't know so well, but from what I've seen so far, he is amiable, a good performer and full of bonhomie (very important when you are on the road). His training was as a dancer (he danced in Matthew Bournes famous all male "Swan Lake' on Broadway) and he has an interesting website

The plane over was pretty unremarkable, it was a seven and a half hour flight and I was well looked after buy stewardess Sue (below). The idea was to stay awake as long as possible on travel day (and not drink on the plane!) as our schedule tomorrow in New York is pretty hectic with tv, radio and print publicity going on - its going to be a long day.

Bearing this in mind, I had brought some masks with me to get cracking on another toilet film - House of Croon - seven hours is a long time and I managed to get the lot done.

I prefer to travel with celebrities!

Going through immigration at JFK Airport

The Ukes reassemble the other side of the barrier. Leisa and Jonty had travelled on earlier planes and we hooked up with them at the hotel.

However jaded you are, there is always a certain thrill arriving in New York, here's a blurry photo of the band getting out of the bus that brought us from the airport. We've got a busy day tomorrow and I'm ready for some sleep - hope I dont wake up too early!



Thank you guys for reading and commenting. I look forward to seeing you both soon.
Peter, I had the pleasure of watching the entire Facebook Live concert last night. You sounded in great voice, as usual. It certainly got me even more excited to see you all in person later this month. The FB Live feed looked and sounded great. I'm impressed with Ben's playing. His new uke sounds great. Richie sounded great too. I think that's a Lichty-made uke. I follow Jay Lichty on Twitter and Instagram and enjoy seeing his guitars and ukes. They are truly works of art. I hope your visit to America is fun and successful. Enjoy yourself and I will see you all soon! ~ Fred
Have fun!! Looking forward to read your hot news from overseas! If you wake up too early, still remember: "I want to wake up in a city, that never sleeps. To find I'm a number one, head of the list, cream of the crop at the top of the heap."

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