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Titty Boy Hits the Pacific

The one thing I have been absolutely determined to do on this trip is to get a swim in the Pacific, I live by the sea in England and enjoy swimming there. Our hotel in LaJolla is next to the ocean, albeit a twenty minute walk, but I didn't get a chance to do that this morning as I was writing this thing. However the theatre in LaJolla is also next to the Pacific, so I took my swimming things along to the theatre and after we had finished our rehearsal for our show this evening, plus our afternoon workshop for ukulele groups in the San Diego area, I raced outside to jump in for five minutes, just to say I'd been in. It wasn't too bad 19c, I was told, but since the sun was going down it felt cold.

Thanks to Richie for taking this photo (above) and me for taking the one of the workshop (below)!


LaJolla is a wealthy town - here's a peep at house prices.



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