Tony Penultimate

This Pen is Your Pen

As we travel the length and breadth of this magnificent country, staying in its splendid hotels and playing its magnificent theatres, I notice myself humming Woody Guthrie's famous tune. I'm also aware that in a world of branding, marketing and homogenisation, we might easily have stayed in four Holiday Inns in four towns and therefore we would have had four pens exactly the same...

But no, Fate, Providence, Lady Luck, call it what you will, has smiled upon us pen fanciers and behold, we have a rich palette before us. From the brash green simplicity of our first pen, the Holiday Inn in Gainesville, Florida (the Sunshine State) to the darker, more complex hues of our latest pen, a rich, elegant, burgundy from the Boulderado Hotel, Colorado......we may indeed count ourselves fortunate.

(Look I'm just trying to pad this out a bit, okay? I don't get paid to do this you know)

Looking ahead at the schedule it looks promising - we're in a Hilton at Overland Park, Kansas, tomorrow night, unless it turns out to be a Hilton Garden (Pen 3 - then we're fucked) then a hotel called The Inn at Deep Canyon in Palm Desert in California, then more hotels in California, where we will stay until the tour ends.

The only dark cloud on the horizon, is the fact that in some groovy, eco friendly hotels (and there are plenty in California) they don't do pens at all.

Instead, you search for an implement to write with, while you're taking notes during your important business call, and all you get is a pathetic little pencil stub.

If Donald Trump wants to make America great again, he knows where to start.

So, yesterday was a travel day with no gig, as we moved from Laramie, Wyoming to Boulder, Colorado. After complaining about our stupid limo of the day before, this bus arrived which looked like a vehicle that prisoners are transferred to the penitentiary in.

But, while it looked like a bus on the outside, on the inside......

It had limo style seating! - albeit with seat belts.

You can't win them all, says Richie. 


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