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The Pensanity Continues! - San Fran to Davis CA

What a pleasure to have a night off - I am getting seriously tired of travelling (thats why they call it a tour) so after arriving at San Fransisco, George went off to see an old friend, likewise Jonty, while Jodi, Leisa, Doug, Richie, Will and I headed into Chinatown to get some food. We went to the highly recommended Hunan Homes restaurant.

Signs in English and Chinese (I'm not sure if its Cantonese or Mandarin) 

We all jumped on one of San Fransisco's famous cable cars - ($7 one way)

Bright Lights, Big City - although I couldn't help noticing there's a fair bit of homelessness on the streets, same old same old, in any big city I suppose. 

This is Hunan Homes restaurant - very mellow place with fine food. 


And here are our fortune cookies - what lies in store for us? - go figure! From bottom to top: Peter, Richie, Leisa, Jodi, Doug (and Will lost his before I could photograph it)


Leaving town - this is not the Golden Gate Bridge but the Bay Area Bridge - a huge span.

 Trucks on the way to Davis - a couple of hours up the freeway from San Fran.

And here's the latest Pen Picture - the 'Pensanity' I'm calling it - we are in the home straight now.  This is the hotel where we stayed before where I opened the window and saw this and thought I was going crazy!



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