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The Lodge at Torrey Pines

You can tell its classy here at the Lodge at Torrey Pines - our hotel in LaJolla, not because of the pen (above) which of course, is a deep rich burgundy, which works well with the Scottish Baronial oak panelling, art nouveau fittings and the doormans kilt.

No, no, what has impressed me the most is the 'do not disturb sign' which is not a sign at all, but an acorn. A sly metaphor for wealth, which is what this place is full of.

We are guests of the LaJolla Music Society (we played here Jan 2015) and LaJolla itself reminds me of Monaco, full of high end lifestyle shops (Cartier, Ralph Lauren etc) fancy restaurants and immaculately coiffured lawns - there is no homelessness here that I can see.

The hotel is a sort of golf nirvana, which sits on an eighteen hole golf course and you have to fight off the bellhops trying to grab your suitcase (they're all used to $50 tips from millionaire golfers and don't know about penniless ukulele players).

We arrived last night after another five hour drive up the coast from Santa Barbara, after having played at the school in the morning. The first concert was fine (we're playing two concerts here plus a workshop) I was pretty tired but somehow pulled it out of the hat. The audience seemed to be half uke freaks, some had travelled extraordinary distances to get to our concert (we are lucky with our fans) and the other half seemed to be LaJolla high society, with lots of people in their finery.

Since we were also given food money for a 'buy out' rather than provided with food by the promoters, I was able to end the chicken 'run' and get a salmon salad at a restaurant.

The band arrives at the hotel

Will remains unimpressed by the 'Baronial' style lobby at the Lodge at Torrey Pines.  He has also been rubbishing my attempts to secretly spread my unlistened to solo albums, like jam, across the United States by leaving my computer (the hardest working mac in show business) streaming tracks on the website Spotify overnight, in all the different cities we pass through, thus hopefully duping those pesky swedish algorithms. While I admit that its unlikely that they'll be any midnight calls from panicking Spotify executives wondering what the hell is going on, or Drake or Beyonce having sleepless nights. I remain optimistic.

Haven't I just read that the Russians hacked the US elections using rudimentary phishing techniques?

And I await a call begging me to play Donald Trumps inauguration........................................... 



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