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The Existential Crisis of Richie Williams

Forgive me friends - once again my sword/pen has slept mightily in my hand and I haven't blogged since we got back from Germany. However since I am a lazy scribe, I might as well confess that I'm a lying blogger as well! A few seconds after taking this dramatic photo, I had already thought of the highly misleading headline that has drawn you here. We'd just shot a short promotional video on the battlements of Chepstow Castle when Richie struck this Faustian pose.

Richie, I can confirm, is his usual highly positive self.

But, as they say in the Republic of Uzbeckistan "Mening veb-sayt, mening qoidalari" (thats "my website, my rules" - zapped through Google translate). 

We did a good set at the Towersley Festival after which we retired to our hotel (a Ramada off the M40, with this magnificent vista from the rear window). I had brought the girls with me (wife Gilly and daughter Poppy) and so we spent the early part of the next day nearby at the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall - truly it is "picture book" England

 In the afternoon we crossed into Wales to Chepstow where we played in the Castle (our second time here). Its worth a look if you're nearby - truly "picture book" Wales.  




I enjoy your blogs very much. You're choice of words is what has me coming back. Richie X?

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