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The Day of Death - Arcata to Santa Barbara

Your correspondent 'sparko' on the floor at San Fransisco airport - thanks to Leisa for taking the 'Money Shot'

There can be few things more irritating than a show business 'person' or 'worker' whining on about how hard their life is, moaning on how much they have to prepare, the mental stress of acting blah blah, especially when compared to all the people working down coal mines, keeping hospitals going and even just working long hours in supermarkets.

So as a public service, I thought it's high time I got a bit of show business moaning in myself - here goes - today for example, has long been earmarked as the Day of Death on this tour, not because we played a show last night in Arcata, which finished at 11pm. We got back to the hotel at 11.30, the original plan was that we were going to get up at 4.30 (in the morning!) get a plane from Arcata to San Fran, change onto another plane from San Fran to Santa Barbara, where we have a gig tonight; the idea being that because we had gotten up so early, we would get in to Santa Barbara at 11am and therefore had time to rest at the hotel before the gig.


This man is a star!

No such luck, upon getting at 4.30am we discovered that we'd been farquar-ed by the weather, which meant that the plane from Arcata was cancelled and we wouldnt be able to make our connection in San Fransisco, so we then had to drive back to San Fransisco airport to catch a later plane which took us six hours in the bus. If there is any hero of the hour, it is our bus driver, Pal, who drove us up from Davis and then drove us all the way back again - after what I wrote yesterday about musicians and accidents on the road, I made sure I gave him a hefty tip and shook his hand - the driving conditions were really appalling! The poor bastard sweetly insisted on coming along to check out the show last night, so he didn't get much sleep either. 

Going over the Golden Gate - 'San Fransisco, Open your Golden Gate' - always loved that song!

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the whole band were up from 4.30 and upon arrival at Santa Barbara went straight to the theatre to play the show.

One upside is we are back at the Surf Hotel where they have the Surfboard from Apocalypse Now on display

POSTSCRIPT 24.00hrs - The show, against all expectations, went really well and the Ukes pulled it out of the hat again, furthermore we were asked to the sponsors party, which was quite a swinging affair and we all had a boozy and fun time - lots of interesting peeps. I'm now typing this in the Surf hotel, where we will be staying for precisely eight hours before we're off again to do a workshop at a school in Santa Barbara tomorrow morning and then a five hour bus journey to LaJolla.

Pen picture on the next post!

Ben and Doug wait to get on the plane to Santa Barbara



Dear Sis - sorry about the v/o! I will get it done - hope you got my message - back home now with the girls thank goodness!
Dear P, I am loving your blog. It is a real window peeking into life on the road. And very well written too! Lots of love, yo' sis
A very very hard day on the road!

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