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The Day after the Day of Death at the Surf Hotel

Let me ask you a very simple question, no tricks, just a simple YES/NO - either or question.

Imagine being on the road, changing hotels everyday. What would you prefer to do when you wake up in the morning in your hotel bed?

  • Enjoy a nice cup of tea/coffee from your own thoughtfully provided coffee percolator/kettle.
  • Listen to a 1963 Easy Listening album on your thoughtfully provided record player. 

I'm not trying to influence your decision but me? I've had a cup of tea every morning - but this is the Surf hotel and they do things differently here - there is no coffee machine in the room, just the record player. 

If you want a cup of coffee you've got to go down to the lobby (yes, I'm still in my showbiz moan mood again!). When we arrived in the lobby late last night, I put a fatherly hand on Ben's shoulder and said "Son, let me show you the surfboard they used in the film Apocalypse Now" (it was on display two years ago when we passed through) - and we went into the bar only to find that it had gone - sold to another surfboard collector!

I am feeling better today after a shower (the first in 48 hours) - I caught myself in the mirror going into the sponsors party last night and I looked (and smelt) like a cross between Sancho Panza and a sweaty horse - the pace has been quite intense and it continued the next day. After giving our concert in Santa Barbara and going to the sponsors party we got back to the Surf hotel and I went straight to bed for eight hours sleep before having to be up for a 08.15 call to do an show at a local school, then another five hour bus trip to LaJolla.

While we were getting out of the bus to go into the school, I heard a yelp and the dread sound of ukulele on concrete - Bens ukulele had fallen out of its case and cracked upon impact - this has happened to me a couple of times and while its depressing - but it is repairable.

Not much else to say really - we've had chicken four nights in a row now and I hope we don't get it again tonight at LaJolla.

Here's the latest pen from the Surf Hotel (its part of the Kimpton Chain).

A Christmas decoration given to each member of the band by sponsors of our concert in Santa Barbara. 



Thanks Ellen - I'm looking on the bright side, I may be tired butI'll have a fantastic new collection of pens.
Answer: definitely the tea first before the record player. While I am enjoying your blogs about this tour, I know that you will be glad to get home next week—you must be exhausted!

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