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The Curse of my Forefathers

6.04 AM I waited and waited and waited..................

My great grandfather died on a tram in Birmingham, my grandfather died of a heart attack while running for a train at Waterloo station, the curse skipped a generation when my Dad died in his bed, but now the Grim Reaper is definitely eyeing me up. 

Yes, Campers this morning’s journey to Finland (where we play two concerts) was pretty stressful.

I had spent the night comfortably in the YOTEL at Terminal 4 Heathrow as the flight to Helsinki was at 7.30AM, so no problemo, I thought, I would be up by 6, take the train from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3 (where our plane flew from) and that would be that. Unfortunately, no trains arrived for over thirty five minutes, so I started to panic. 

When the train did arrive it took 20 minutes to get to Terminal 3 by which time I had precisely 30 minutes untill the plane went and I hadn’t even checked my bag. Things were further complicated by the fact that when I HAD dropped my bag at check in, and then went through security, the machine wouldn’t read the barcode on my (self printed) boarding pass. I was then sent back to the check in desk to get another one printed, by which time I was in full panic mode. I elbowed my way to the front of the queue at security and then ran for the gate which I got to as the last few passengers were getting on.

I think the Grim Reaper has got his eye on me……….

My room at the YOTEL 

Just made the plane 

Rowan Rafferty, our promoter 

The flight was only two hours but the seats were really tight so that was uncomfortable too.  However things looked up when we arrived in Helsinki, I like it here and it's always good to catch up with our promoter Rowan - he is a young but well known agent in Finland (he specialises in metal bands) and for some reason he likes us, we’ve been working with him for seven years or so.

Unlike our American agent Bill, on whose website we appear as a 'special attraction' amongst the conductors, concert pianists and string quartets - with Rowan we are in the company of acts such as Doom Unit, One Morning Left and Profane Omen.

Richie and Dave are back in the fold and we are back to full strength.

Rock'n'Roll Style touring

Welcomed by a little friend outside our hotel in Hameenlinna

Is it worth me bothering putting these auditorium pictures up?

Dressing room 

Another reason why I like coming to Finland is that we always include Sibelius's wonderful tune Finlandia, which is almost like an alternate national anthem for the Finns - it is such a beautiful tune to play and sits so well on the ukulele.



Thank you Ricky, Thank You Fred for reading and commenting!
Another interesting blog, Peter. I have missed a few but plan to catch up on'em. IF I can catch up on these "projects" that are in my best interests to do. I'm gonna start making her pay me... preferably in advance. Keep'em coming!
Peter, I admire your traveling so much. You are such a tall guy and that complicates things. I spent the day traveling to Central America yesterday. I'm not nearly as tall as you, but it is so uncomfortable. Glad you made all your connections and that the show went well. I like the hall pictures. It makes me feel like I'm there. Thanks for your blog. Safe and Stress free travels.
Thank you Karin and Peter for visiting (and commenting!)
You are a well trained man, Peter, will catch many trains and planes in your career further on, I wish you, many fine impressions in Finland!
Another way to look at it is your Dad broke the curse. As for auditorium pictures - depends on the place. Many places you play have lovely architecture and it's great to see pictures of these.

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