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The Craic isn't Mighty for me


Well peeps here we go again, I’m sitting in the Wagamamas at Gatwick airport where the Ukes are waiting to fly to Belfast for the first night of a five day tour of Ireland.  We’re flying Ryanair - the budget-est of the budget airlines, the dates comprise Belfast, Letterkenny, Galway, Dublin and Cork. We will fly back on Monday, 12th so its a brief blast of a tour - hopefully we’ll get to see something of Ireland - County Donegal is meant to be pretty.  We’ve been to Ireland several times before, but never played in the north, so that will be interesting. I’m going to hook up with a couple of friends in Belfast who were good pals of me and Gillys in the noughties.

It will also be the first time I’ve done a tour dry as I’m three weeks into a no booze regime. After a raft of recent parties, I woke up to find my liver throbbing a bit and thought I ought to give sobriety a go.  I remember my Dad used to stop for a month every year which enabled him to carry on enjoying alcohol into old age.  It would be dreadful never to be able to taste wine again and we live in a very sociable and boozy town -“Cirrhosis by the Sea” - so we’ll see how I cope in the land of the Craic.

More tomorrow....


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