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The Chat Up Hotel!

The gig went well last night at the Philharmonie in Koln and while I would like to have stayed up for a drink with Verena and her friends (our German sound engineer who lives here) but I was just too pooped and so went to bed. I've noticed also that alcohol affects my voice if I've had a few and rest is important when you're on the road - God forbid that you get ill and have to go onstage with a cold or flu.

Viola, our German tour manager, has splendidly managed to score us a bunch of first class tickets for the train journey between Koln and Furth (its an Inter City Express ICE train). I think if you pay a few extra euros they'll upgrade you, anyway, I'm bashing this out on the complimentary wifi as the autumnal colours of the German landscape pass by outside like a (insert metaphor here).

Despite this the seats are incredibly uncomfortable and since I've had a sore back for the last three weeks, I may have to visit the restaurant car for some medicinal beers!

Here we are checking into our hotel in Furth, where we were welcomed by long time fan and friend Eva, who, in her charming fashion has brought us all sweets/candy - all the way from Austria. We've been to this hotel many times and its close to the theatre, each hotel room has a kitchenette/bar area which always makes us laugh as we imagine ourselves - each in their own room - swapping stools and chatting themselves up!



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