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Symphony Hall Birmingham

I set off mid morning by car, pausing to drop in on my near neighbour, ace remixer Philip Larson, to do a bit more work on the Ibiza style, banging ukulele track we've concocted and then onto the M25, up to Birmingham through the pissing rain, not great driving weather.

The Magic of Charcoal Underpants

Stopping off for a pee at the Clacket Lane services on the M25 (gateway to the West) I spotted this intruiging advertisement for charcoal underpants (to neutralise flatulence) on the door; I wasn’t sure if it was a spoof or not. Whilst I have been known to ‘drop’ one onstage, mainly due to the fact that we eat quickly, usually an hour before the show, officially I would strenously deny this (even to the European Court of Human Rights - Brexiteers!) I checked on the website and sure enough it was for real.

We’ve played the Symphony Hall Birmingham many times, its the home of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. All the Big Swinging Dicks of the classical music world have played here and the wall is covered with photos of them.

 Evegeny! Cecilia! Dan the Man! Kiri!

A close study of these photos seems to reveal classical music is mainly about getting the hairdo right and then being able to play (a little) ............besides - I bet Evegeny dosen’t close his show with Highway to Hell!


There's nothing like a one and a half hour soundcheck to get you in the groove!

The show went well and lots of folks (again) brought their ukuleles for the playalong. The stage manager told me we’d sold 1500 seats - not bad going. An irritating thing happened during the second half, while Will was singing Get Lucky, a bloke, about three rows back, filmed the whole thing with the light on his mobile phone on full blast - very off putting. I bet if that had happened during a Cecilia Bartoli recital, Cecilia would have climbed of the stage and nutted him.

 We meet Mr Christmas - (NB - no dreams came true during the taking of this photograph)

My Spanish niece (second left) Anna came along too, with some of her friends - she’s studying at the University of Coventry and we went out for a brief drink afterwards before they had to leg it back to the station.

 Birmingham snow at  7.30am



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