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We travelled in the morning by train, the short distance from Karlsruhe to Stuttgart (45 minutes) and grabbed a taxi to the hotel.

We've played the Theatrehaus many times and it is a terrific, state of the art, venue with all mod cons, including ample provision for artistes such as ourselves (plenty of food and drink). Such is the generosity of our German hosts, that it is perfectly possible to live for a week with the bare minumum of Euros, simply lurching from one food laden table to another, belching occasionally and playing a few shows in between.

Our hotel is just one hundred metres from the Stuttgart Theatrehaus - you'll just have to make a dash for it accoss the six lane highway bustling with traffic (this pic taken during a rare lull). The show itself was fine, we always get a good reception in Stuttgart. Once again it was hot in the hall, although not as hot as the previous gig in Karlsruhe, I fluffed my intro at the top of the show by referring to the Tollhaus instead of the Theatrehaus.

Which reminds me of a story I heard about George Michael, who while playing in Melbourne, Australia, kept saying "Hello Sydney" or "how you doing Sydney" until he came out for the second half of the show (someone had obviously had a word with him) and said "Hello and welcome to my friend Sidney, it's great to be here in Melbourne".

There is nothing quite like getting out of the shower in your hotel room, refreshed and invigorated: towelling yourself down and then inspecting two disgustingly sweaty white shirts and considering which one you will wear for the show that evening. I reckon that as well as 'muscle memory' there is such a thing as 'sweat gland' memory, for as soon as I got on stage I felt the trickle of sweat again.....yeuuch!

Our good friend and fan, Guenter Jones has come too see us and brought a magnificent cake, which didnt last long! Here he is posing with us after the show

photo courtesy Eva Hofbauer


We all went back to the hotel bar (dodging the traffic again) and opened a bottle of prosecco to toast our dear departed collegue Kitty and to reminicse. Its been a good tour and mention must go to Ben (who really can rock) and to Clara (who can sing the hell out of a James Bond theme!) and Viola who forgot about me (thanks for the Jack Daniels BTW) On the way through security at Stuttgart airport, one of the officials recognised us and we all signed her ticket which she still had from the previous evening......what a nice send off!



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