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Things are getting pretty slack on this blog when I start off with a picture of my breakfast, but take heart Campers! This picture is a lie - insofar as I supplemented it with an egg and a couple of sausages straight afterwards (I have generally been a good boy on this tour, diet wise).

So after breakfast it was up and on the the road to Stirling where our final gig of this Scottish tour was (a 2.5 hour journey). Ben and I had blagged a lift with Richie and his wife Jenny in their car. Rich has now learned the art of 'cool posing' whenever I take a photo.

Duh! the handle on my suitcase had bust - thats the second one this year, my last one broke on the US tour in Washington. Speaking of which, while I was still in the US with Gilly, having some R&R in New York after the tour, we went out for lunch with her old boss, an enormously wealthy American, who, when he heard I had bust my suitcase, said to me: "go to Tumi's - they are the best". So I went and had a look, and found out that a case there cost over $1000 (for a suitcase!). In the end I went to TK Max and bought a Samsonite for $100.

Richie and Jenny have an Audi which is by far the swankiest car in the motley collection of Ukes vehicles and very comfortable. This is what I remember old relatives saying, when they talked about driving, you didn't drive somewhere - you 'motored' there, in a 'touring' car. Moreover they both proved fine hosts by proffering chocolates which Ben and I happily scoffed. The penance for getting a lift with Richie (I'm sure he won't mind me mentioning) is having to listen to his extensive collection of Jazz Fusion triple albums on the car stereo, a penance which I managed to dodge by putting the earbuds in, zoning out and listening to a podcast.

The Staggering Style Beauty of the Mystic Majesty that is the Scottish Highlands etc etc

We stopped in Dunkeld on the banks of the river Tay after a couple of hours for a quick break, before journeying on to Stirling, the weather was fine too.

We were staying at the Stirling Highland Hotel, a converted Scottish pile with a highly eccentric lift and floor plan. I was on the second floor, but could only get to the second floor by going up to the third floor, and walking down the staircase to the second floor?

View of the town from our hotel

This was our venue - The Albert Halls

Some of the other acts who are appearing here this season


We had great food (catering by the venue) and straight afterward we had to go and do some photos with the local paper, the Stirling Observer - here we are being 'zany' with the statue of Scots hero Rob Roy - I climbed up onto the statue after I'd taken this picture to pose with the rest of the group!

It was a great show and a full house, this has been a great tour and the Scots audiences have certainly shown us the love - I hope we'll be back sooner than another five years!

Another charming thing was how many kids we had in the audience tonight, many from the Stirling High School, several of whom wanted us to sign their arms and even their glasses (what is that little girl drinking - meths?!). What a great night it was.

and finally, back to the hotel for a post show wind down. We're back on the road in Austria on Saturday Campers - Keep up!



Thanks Andrea, yes it is a nice place - at least the pasrts of it I saw.......
Hi Peter, Stirling (like all of Scotland) is a nice town, i was there a few years ago..many beautiful memories!

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