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St Albans

We are winners in a poll of Ukulele Magazine in two categories: 'Best Ukulele Live Act' and 'Best UK Ukulele Artist' and we posed for some promotional pictures upon our arrival at St Albans, its nice to be a winner, although I've always hated the phrase 'award winning' as its pretty meaningless - I'm not sure if we are the best act (there are new acts coming up all the time) and I never get the time to go to gigs as we're playing so much - there are some great uke acts I've seen on youtube that I'd like to go and check out live.

We also made a short promo for our Norwegian/Finland tour later in the year. Because the front of my head has been shaved due to the meningitis operation, I've been left with a slightly sinister Hitler style hank of hair which I must remember to comp upwards.

As I'm not driving at the moment, I hopped in the car with Richie for a ride from Southend to St Albans. Given all the aforementioned PR piffle written about the UOGB, you'd think we were riding around in limosines, but in reality we've got a right old motley collection of bangers, jalopies and MOT near misses to get to gigs in the UK. Top of the heap (literally) is Richie's car - its an Audi I think and its very pleasant to ride in. Richie, disappointingly, dosen't wear driving gloves and is in the habit of playing entire 70's jazz funk triple albums (Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra) but his time we all had a jolly good chat about the US tour that Rich and I missed and caught up on the news.

 Here's Rich posing in front of his car

The gig in St Albans is always good and we've done it many times before, the town is pretty historic and as I'm staying over, I'll have a look around before I leave.

Back In a couple of weeks folks, all the best from your 'award winning' correspondent!



Thanks Andrea! Its good to be back....
It's always a pleasure to read your blog, welcome back Peter!

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