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SS Europa 2017

Sorry I took a while to post, blog readers. We'd played a 'one off' gig on this ship in 2106 while it was docked in Rosyth up in Scotland and while this was not exactly the same ship (Europa) it was its sister ship and just a bit smaller, it was still fabulously opulent, with five star everything!. The Entertainment Officer, Randle, welcomed us back and showed us to the very small dressing room, which we all, girls and boys had to change in.

Cutty Sark at Greenwich

Europa docked in the Thames against the London Skyline

The band boarding the boat (to get to the Europa) - the guy on the left is Matthew, Viola's boyfriend.

Arriving and boarding the Europa

Most ships are laid out the same, so it was back up past the swimming pool and the hot tub to the theatre

The cabaret/theatre

The gig was a straight one hour cabaret, which we played to approximately fifty people, which was probably our lowest audience for a long time! However, it wasn't a numbers game - since it was Sunday, many of the guests had gone into London and weren't on the boat - so iot was fairly relaxed and low key (Dave didnt shake his hair during Teen Spirit). After the gig, we went for a quick drink with Randle, in one of the many bars and listened to a trio from the ships band play easy listening numbers (they were terrific) and then caught the midnight ferry back to Greenwich. The out of towners (me, Richie and Hester) stayed in a hotel, while the others went home. I'll see you in Portugal next week Campers!


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