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On Stage, now where did I leave my mojo?

Thank you everyone for the goodwill messages which have cheered me up enormously. This gig (Southend) has been my first one back since my bout with meningitis and it went well - I'm a bit rusty and my voice sounds a bit squeaky. Having had procedures on my ears (grommets inserted) I am a bit more deaf than usual and it sounds a bit like the band is playing in a tunnel, but doctors have assured me my hearing will improve when they are removed.

I think I've come to terms with what happened - philosophically, its a bit like coming back from a night out, being mugged, badly beaten, left for dead - but this time the mugger was Mother Nature. There was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent it, I'm reasonably healthy and my meningitis was biological, not viral, meaning that it came from 'without me' not 'within me' - it was just an infection I caught.

So there are no lessons learnt, no friends or family beckoning me down the tunnel, shouting 'head toward the white light'. Just a feeling that life is very precious and I should................ (insert irritating 'new age' platitude here).

So off I went to rejoin the UOGB in Southend - I would normally have driven, but since I'm still technically in recovery, I took the train and I will be travelling to St Albans tomorrow with Richie. It was really good to see everyone and we had Ben Rouse depping for George, so got all the news about the US tour that the band have just come back from. 

Interestingly, I don't think the band have ever played Southend and since the weather was good, I walked to the theatre from the train station and noticed this bland looking house on the way, which is where the architect Frank Matcham lived, we've played in many of his beautiful 19th century theatres (he certainly didn't take his work home with him if he lived in a joint like this)



After the gig, Richie pulled out a bottle of 'white' port which we celebrated with, before going out to say hello and sign CD's - its certainly good to be back!



Sorry to hear you've been unwell, but really pleased to see you're on the mend and back on tour. Like everyone else who follows your blog I'm a big fan (I saw you in perform in Sydney, Australia a few years ago), and your blog is a great read. Best wishes for the rest of your hopefully speedy recovery.
So happy to see that you are back to normal and with your usual interesting observations! Looking forward to more news and blogs.
We, your audience, are glad, to see and hear you back in the orchestra, Peter, especially your voice is an important part of it.

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