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the sound desk with all nine players

Here I am staring out the window of the Jurys Inn Southampton the night after our gig at the O2 and I’m thinking: in Rostock, Germany last month, I was in a hotel room on the 12th floor with a direct drop, while back in Blighty, I am on the 9th floor and the window is clamped tightly shut - truly we live in a health & safety society. 

And so, my dear blog reader (and I mean that literally) we are off on another short tour around the south of England;- the gigs are Southampton, Reading and Bristol, all of which we’ve played before. Our gig last night was one of the few times we’ve played as a nine piece as we were trying out a new dep, Clara Sanabras, who George and Leisa know through the Ukes and Lutes project last year. 


another indifferent audience (this is a joke btw - you never know on t'internet)

Its not easy to come into a band which has been playing together long as we have and fit in straight away. However she did a great job and has a very fine singing voice (she sung Diamonds are Forever and Perfect Day) I think the consensus of the band is that she’s a good dep and looking as her website she’s certainly done some interesting projects. Ben Rouse (our other dep) lives nearby and also popped by to hello and watch the show.  Its a weird feeling watching the Ukes play when you are not on stage - its only happened to me once in Berlin when the band were playing the show BFI/UOGB collaboration Ukulelescope which I wasn’t involved in as I was still doing a 'regular' job. I sat in the theatre prepared to hate it but as it turned out the show was surprisingly good and well received.

We've got a rehearsal at three in Reading so I'll see you tomorrow. 



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