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Sick in Laramie - Dr Footlights rides to the rescue!

Cometh the hour cometh the pen

So after getting back from the restaurant, I spent a fitful night wrestling with my illness, viral thingy, whatever it was. As I tossed and turned in bed, I noticed the weird sensation of blue flashes from within the bed. This was the light from the static electricity, which was everywhere, if you touched a switch, a door handle or even a microphone, you received a powerful electric shock. According to a someone who came to our concert, it is because Laramie is 7165 feet above sea level, not near any mountains and therefore the climate is bone dry.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I was unprepared for this tour, clothing wise, this was because I'd looked at the start of the schedule (Florida) and the finish (California) and was vaguely aware there were some dates in the interior and thought it was generally going to be hot. I mean cowboys come from Wyoming, right? and cowboys are always riding through Death Valley in the movies, right? (thats in California, moron) hmmmmmm -  I wont be so blasé again!

The temperature in Laramie is zero during the day, at this time of year, and then plummets into double digits during the night.

The Giant Head of Abraham Lincoln on the way to Laramie

So after spending the whole day in bed, I rejoined the band and went to the soundcheck. Performing is a funny thing, even if you are feeling ill or under the weather, there is always some little extra gas tank of energy that can be summoned up to do the performance. In the band we call it Dr Footlights, and so it was, the show that I'd been dreading, turned out to be one of the best we'd done here, easily the most number of ukulele players for the participation numbers too....and guess what?... after a good nights sleep, I felt better the next day, ready to make the journey to Boulder, Colorado.



Cheers Kathryn!
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