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Hello all - sorry about the non reporting today, but it HAS been busy - here are some pictures of yesterday and I'll post tomorrow morning - we've been to Shrewsbury before, but never at this theatre.

Wuthering Heights - after Buxton I gave the girls a lift to Shrewsbury and took this picture on the moors.

Bored Ukes - the theatre hadn't got our rooms ready when we arrived, so we waited in reception.

this extraordinary image presented itself while I waited on the 3rd floor lobby of the Premier Inn. Its not a radiator, but a view of the car park opposite our hotel. See my my meditation on the Croydon effect  

 the same car park taken from a different angle 

The Theatre Severn 

and where would we be without the soundcheck shot - I am going bald, Ben is going bald, only Ritchie still has a luxuriant thatch.

 Extraordinary pub in Shrewsbury (left)


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