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After the show in Munich, we had a bit of a lie in before leaving for the train station at 11am to take the train to Schweinfurt, our next gig.We took the ICE train to Wurzburg for the two hour journey, then a changed onto a smaller train to Schwenfurt - the journey passed pretty uneventfully.Watching the windmills and pylons go by from the train, I don't mind wind turbines - I'm currently reading 'Landscape and Memory' by historian Simon Schama, which argues that the landscape in Europe had always been in transition.Changing trains in Wurzburg Ben sleepsArrival in Schweinfurt and a taxi to the hotelChecking inTown squareThis poster has been here for nine years and becomes more defaced with each visit (this is our sixth visit here) promoter Christain welcomed us in his usual avuncular style. The Canteen in the theatre has always had this strange little ball bearing momento, which is appropriate since Schweinfurt is the very epicentre of the ball bearing cosmos - funnily enough there are no ball bearing shops in town (not even as souvenirs). SoundcheckingWhile the theatre here is not that big (approx 750 seats) and is also about 30 years old, it has a pleasant contemporary feel and very good sound baffling. Our gig went over well and here we are going out for the encore.We have been presented with roses for the past two gigs - I sneaked my phone onstage to get a quick shot.Plenty of people came by the merchandising table to buy CD's - I haven't bought a CD in years, thinking about it: I pretty much stream all my music now.Our hosts have been kindness itself and after we'd done signing, we were invited back to the canteen to have some drinks and chat by Christian, I understand that the chat went on into the early hours. I made my excuses and left (as the journalists say) not least because I was tired but I wanted to write this up.

Signing the visiting performers book - last gig tomorrow in Berlin.



Thanks for reading Ray - I’ll try to keep pumping ‘em out!
Good evening Peter Just like to say enjoy reading your blogs from your trips on tour and looking forward to the blogs you will do when in the USA. Ray

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