Tony Penultimate

Riding through the Glen

Somedays not much happens - today for example. I got a good nights sleep after the late night show last night in Bury (which went well).  I got up this morning, had some breakfast, gave Will a lift in my car to the next gig, we drove over the spectacular Peak district (which is sort of the backbone of England) and arrived at Nottingham, the home of  the legendary Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

 The Beautiful Peak District of Derbyshire 

Here's another unbeautiful example of the "Croydon Effect", 1960's architecture in Nottingham. 

I remember these old playbills from the last time we played here, truly we are standing on the shoulders of giants. The Tallulah Bankhead one is interesting, as it included among the cast, the brilliant Robert Newton - who created the definitive pirate in Long John Silver in the Disney film of Treasure Island.



signing after the show


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