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I finally got a good nights sleep after the terrific Whitley Bay show. Thank goodness we had a lie in then, as next day, I woke up at 10am! (In truth, I did wake briefly at 6am and pop outside to take a photo of the sunrise). Once again I was joined on the journey by Leisa as the band made their way over the Pennines to Preston for the last gig on this short tour.

Breakfast at Whitley Bay

When we arrived at Preston, I must confess that I didnt get to see much of it other than the hotel (Holiday Inn) and the theatre.

The Mental Riches You May Here Aquire Abide With You Always (inscription on building)

The theatre was situated in this modern building and it was pretty drab, entry via the shopping centre, past all the shops (which were shut - it was Sunday).

The drabness continued backstage, nobody was there when we arrived, no tea or coffee backstage, techs all staring at their phones etc, in other words a typical municipal theatre, which contrasted to the dynamic promoter who had put on our show in Whitley Bay last night.

 Soundcheck- a button came off the mixing desk in Dougs hand apparently!

 Pre show dinner at the Mezze bar - Che Guevara looks on diaspprovingly

 No locker room talk in this changing room (in fact no talking at all!)

However the drabness of the surroundings were made up for by the warmth of the audience. Many ukulele players came along including: Fylde Ukulele Network (FUN) Preston Ukulele Society (PUS) Clitheroe Ukulele Orchestra and another Uke Orchestra from Morecambe and the response to our show was fantastic (the new material still going over well).

Many of them were staying at the hotel and so we had several chats with punters who bought us drinks after the show in the bar, I shared a lift with a guy who had come all the way from Glasgow to see us, God bless our fans!
We all stayed in the bar till midnight, so we could wish Jonty a Happy Birthday, I reminded him he was still my favourite bass player!


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