Tony Penultimate

Portland, Maine

Statue of the poet Longfellow

I have developed quite a nasty rash on my arms and legs during this tour which has not bothered me too much, however other band members have expressed concern, and I’ve been lent some cream to help fight it off (sorry Campers no picture!)

I got up this morning and went out looking for breakfast, it was a brilliantly sunny day, the town is by the bay (by the way, so they say) although I didn’t get a chance to go down to the waterside - maybe later.
I found a nice cafe and ordered this - its eggs benedict with grits, which I’d heard about but never eaten - its a sort of cornmeal porridge. Chatting with the waiter, he told me that he was born in London, but came to the US with his dad, who was a comedy writer on the Kenny Everett Show (well known Brit dj/comic) and also produced the novelty single 'Grandad' in the UK.

There's a fair bit of homelessness here and a lot of bars, it looks like a party town - but there's also plenty of elegant New England architecture.


The band arrive at the venue and set about trying to find the stage door - a common occurence. Although we've played Portland before, I have no memory of it at all.

When will this damn thing grow........

Many famous artists have played here - a selection from the 30 metre stretch along the wall.

This venue, the Merrill Auditorium holds 1900 people and we've sold 1300 tickets

It was a great gig - probably the best so far, here's us going out for the encore. Rich has clocked what I'm doing (taking photos when I should be back on stage) and looks on disaprovingly!



Thanks Karin - yes they are thank goodness!
Hi Peter, I hope your skin patches are disappearing. Otherwise only a tip: bugs are a common trouble in travelling the last years, not dangerous, not in dirty environments, but annoying.Perhaps not in your case! Best wishes for the rest of your tour.

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