Tony Penultimate


Checking the time on the concourse of Waterloo Station

The Lighthouse Theatre Poole - home of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

We’ve played the Lighthouse in Bournemouth many times before, and its always good to get down to the southwest of England - the weather however was wet and windy. The show was packed again and the playalong went well, with lots of people bringing their ukuleles and singing along

Fairy lights on our microphone stands

Doug (our sound engineer) had brought us eight sets of these Christmas lights to wind around our microphone stands to give an extra special Christmassy feel, plus a set for his mixing desk. Dave came up with the ingenious idea that we should announce to the audience that after thirty two years in the business, we had been asked to turn on the Christmas lights, whereupon we flicked the switch on our individual sets - it got a big laugh. While several members of the band said they were tired - you’d never have known it - the show was a blinder.

I was going to take a picture of the audience during the play/singalong, but unlike the show at Birmingham, there was a member of the theatre staff who had been running round, busting the balls of anyone who had the temerity to raise a mobile phone to take a picture of us (people take photos of us onstage fairly frequently).  So instead, no to appear hypocritical, I took this picture of us walking back on for the encore

Plenty of merchandise sold including our new album - you can get it here online

I was going to end there but as a little somethings extra, here’s a glimpse into my champagne fairytale ukulele lifestyle......

9.30 AM Poole Station - you can see the marina behind the wall

After my journey back from Birmingham this week (it took six and a half hours by car) , I decided to take the train to Poole, this turned out to be another bad idea as there were heavy engineering works on the line. This meant that the journey home took another six hours. First by taxi (to Poole station) train (to Bournemouth) then bus (to Eastleigh) then another train to London Waterloo. Then schlepping across town by tube to get to London St Pancras, whereupon I got the train down to Dover and I finally walked home (in the pissing rain).

Scrum to get on the bus to Eastleigh

I didnt sing on the bus to keep my spirits up

Finally - the train to London Waterloo

Mr Grumpy takes the tube


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