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On The Road Again...Cheltenham

Well I'm back Campers! My nieces wedding was a great affair and apart from a lousy bed & breakfast we stayed in, I feel pretty refreshed and ready to get back to playing. Checking how the band did during the trip to Oslo and Helsinki, I looked on social media to find that the shows were a Triumph! A Night to Remember! The Magnificent Seven strike again etc etc.
Its always a familiar, if slightly uneasy feeling when you've been away for even a short time, to go back.

A few weeks ago, we had four days of rehearsals in London to work on new material and we've got some cracking new numbers, I’m not going to tell you what numbers, you'll have to come and see the show, but the title of this particular blog might give you a hint as to one of them.
So the first gig on this short three day tour was in Cheltenham at the Town Hall - we’ve played here many times before and it was a full house, its a beautiful venue.

It was a long drive from Kent (4.5 hours) but with no major traffic problems on the way, we all arrived early to rehearse the new songs before the show. Before that we had to sign 100 postcards for promotional purposes - here's road manager Jamie with one of them.

After signing that lot and with a sore wrist, I sat down to rehearse the tunes with the rest of the band

 Those tunes wont rehearse themselves!

Needless to say, because of all the rehearsing we had another high speed meal at Pizza Express over the road and then dashed back to get into our clothes and get onstage

The show was good and the new stuff well received, after the show we went for a drink at a pub round the corner. My hotel room has the weirdest curtains I've seen in 20 years of travelling - like two giant towels!


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