Tony Penultimate

Delivering the Dream in Ipswich

Doom O'Clock!


Getting visas for our December US Tour


Riding through the Glen

Bad Rockin' Tonight


Hot Croydon, Cold Croydon


Wanna Sit on my Dick? - Cultural Sensitivity and the Touring Musician


More tales from the road


Autumn in Paris and the booze ban ends!


Theatre de Colombes, Paris


Don't Be Late For The Hanging Around!

A Ukulele Sandwich


From a Factory to a Barn - Rostock to Stolpe 


Who's Your Daddy?

Welcome to the Row of Heath


Off to Germany and Switzerland


Stuck in Cork

Cork and home

Dublin on a deaf ear!

Sewage, Golf and Ukuleles

A Screamer in Letterkenny


Me taking pictures of them, taking pictures of us! 




Day Two - Belfast to Letterkenny



The Craic isn't Mighty for me

The Existential Crisis of Richie Williams


Towersley Festival and Chepstow Castle


The Boondocks of Germany

Fly, Underpants, Fly!

Berliner Luft

A Long Days Journey into a Hard Days Night!

Deutschen WHAY HAE!


Playing the Europa 2 cruise ship


Glatt & Verkehrt Festival, Austria


Reflections on an iPhone by a lazy blogger


Back to Work


Ukulele Conciousness raised in Essex


Tales of a Turkey Tourist


Wot I did on my Holydeys by Toney Penultimate (aged 57)


A Bullet Runs Through It


My Grandfathers Uniform and Cigarette Case


Rain Rain at the Cheese and Grain



...........the worst are full of passionate intensity



The Knife, the Potato and the Windscreen Wiper


and the Chris Evans Breakfast Show


The Micklegate Run

Bradford and Gateshead

A Gardening Year in 1949

The Hubris and the Humilation


........and so to Canterbury


Dressing Room Meltdown


Anatomy of a Project



Dresden and a toilet marathon






Ready For My Close Up Mr de Mille


A Trip to Canterbury


Canterbury Cathedral in 2016 and in 1929 




New Theatre Royal Portsmouth






Royal Spithead Review 1911 (Part 2)


Foreign ships visiting the Isle of Wight


Royal Spithead Review 1911 (Part 1)


Another photo essay from George Middleton Turner


Laurence Olivier in Moscow


More Anglo/Soviet cultural links in the 1960s


East Anglia Mid England Tour 5

East Anglia Mid England Tour 4


Kettering to Leamington Spa


East Anglia Mid England Tour 3

East Anglia Mid England Tour 2

East Anglia Mid England Tour 1

German Tour March 2106 Postcript


Jimi Hendrix in the House! (sorry toilet actually)


German Tour March 2106 Day 5

German Tour March 2106 Day 4

German Tour March 2106 Day 3


Arrival at Herford and Concert








German Tour March 2106 Day 2


Not much has happened today Campers!


German Tour March 2106 Day 1


Heathrow - Frankfurt - Vellmar


German Tour March 2106

The Journey of Uncle George 9


Sea journey to Liverpool via Boston, Queenstown, Ireland and the Isle of Man


The Journey of Uncle George 8


New York leaving on the White Star Liner SS Cedric


The Journey of Uncle George 7

The Journey of Uncle George 6


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.....


The Journey of Uncle George 5

The Journey of Uncle George 4


Still in business at the Grand Canyon


The Journey of Uncle George 3


On the Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe


The Journey of Uncle George 2


RMS Tahiti arrives in San Fransisco


The Journey of Uncle George 1


Wellington to San Fransisco via the Cook Islands and Tahiti


The Madness of Uncle George


Family snaps from 1929



Swedish Magic


A band at the top of their game




Theres no place like home


Munich to Scaffhausen

Ludwigsburg and on to Munich

Lorrach to Ludwigsburg

South East Germany/Switzerland Tour

And so to Bath

Regal Cinema, Evesham


The Highest Stage in the World!


Newtown, Powys, Wales

Where do the Russian Orchestras go...?


Smoking on the Rock'n'Roll Road


Clang! More Anglo/Soviet Namedropping


Gielgud, Dietrich in 60's Moscow


Britten/Shostakovich and the Man in the Middle


The Arts in 60's Moscow



Theatre de la Grange, Bois d'Arcy


UOGB starts 2016 with a bang


2016 and another year of strumming

A Visitor to London

Do or Die for the RNLI


Blazer and Slacks maketh the Man


Last Show of the Year


Bad Kissingen, Germany - Goodbye 2015!


Drunk Post Alert!

A Spectacular Success at Shanklin

A Trip to Liverpool


The Second City of Empire



A Story for Christmas




Airline Toilets Theatre Company Update

The Long Journey Home!

Another Beautiful Photo Essay (Take My Breath Away)


Wellington - last gig of tour


Horncastle Arena Christchurch