Tony Penultimate

Sweden tour

Nevers, France


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


Big House in the Country Ukulele Weekender


Ukulele Lakeland Loveliness


Goin' Home.....


Munich Prinzregententheater (again)


Once again to the breach in the stunning Prinzregententheater


Dusseldorf to Munich



A train full of singing football fans....


First German Tour 2018

A Trip to the North Pole


Out of the Mouths of Babes........


January Blues



Watch what happens................



Ludwigshafen Second Show


and a second bottle of wine!


Ludwigshafen First Show


Sponsored by the BASF corporation


Arrival in Ludwigshafen


A long day of travelling......


German tour December 2017



I do like to be beside the seaside.....sort of


Symphony Hall Birmingham


More Singalonga Christmas....


Two Baths in One Day!


The show must go on..............twice


Hester in Leicester

Sheffield Day 2


Second day in the City of Steel




First of two gigs up north


Cambridge Corn Exchange


Old English University Town



Whitley Bay


South Wales to North East England


Newtown, Wales


West England to Mid Wales


Its that stage again! Evesham


East of England to West of England


Dorking again!


Last gig of this short tour ends at Dorking




Second gig of this short tour in South West England


On The Road Again...Cheltenham


Regency Spa town on the edge of the Cotswolds.


A Terrible Kind Of Love


The true (ish) story of Dave and Maarti


Some Berlin Memories


A letter fell from a book


Late Night Line Up

Festival O Gesto Orelhudo


First Ukes gig in Portugal


SS Europa 2017


A return gig on the Europa cruise ship in Greenwhich


Bristol Again


150 years of the Colston Hall


Braunschweig (and the dangers of Rock'n'Roll)


The End of The Two B's Tour...


Back into the Breach in Berlin


Two Dates in Deutschland


Art on a Ukulele


The Ukes at the Jazz Cafe with the Massive Violins


A Little Girl Launches a Ship


and Scotway House goes up in flames


A is for the Audience



Mosel Musikfestival


on the banks of the beautiful Mosel.......




Back at the Underpants Hotel




Adieu Kitty......

Night of Triumph for Local Lad

Bad Poetry at Breakfast


Wired and Tired in Kiel


Great Reaction to Our Old Chestnuts!


Festspiele - the gig!


What A Swell Party This Is






Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Gohren-Lebbin


A two date tour in Northern Germany


A Recording Session


Another Rhapsody on an iphone


Remember Three Months From this Date - Good Things Are In Store For You!

The Lowry, Salford


Leeds (again!)

Liverpool (again!)



Basingstoke and back on antibiotics!


St Albans



First Gig back in Southend!


How I dodged a bullet!


Why I've been silent...........






A Late Night and an Early Morning


Back at the Chat Up Hotel


Dortmund, the start of a three day tour of Germany


Cardiff and Yeovil

The Fishermen of Mallaig


Herring Fishing in Mallaig, Scotland 1930


Lucky in Sicily

Jane Austen at the Pizza Express

G Live at Guildford


A Short Tour around the South Coast of England 1


I'd Like To Eat You All


A National Anthem for Food



Every Cloud has a Sulphur Lining.....

Turku to you too

The Curse of my Forefathers

The Crows Gather Over Dundrennan Abbey

The Crowning Glory of a Glittering Career


More Magic Moments from my Lily Livered Life in Showbiz


First gig of the year - Chambery, France


Dr Footlights strikes again.........


Welcome to 2017!

The Making of the Airline Toilets Theatre Company (#13)

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #12

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #11

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #10


A Senior Fac€book executive models our T Shirt


The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #09

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #08

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #07

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #06

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #05

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #04

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #03


Elvis is on the aeroplane


The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #02


My Favourite American President


The Airline Toilets Theatre Company #01


Happy Christmas Everybody - here's #001


A Christmas Cracker

Los Angeles and the Myth of Touring


UOGB US Tour Dec 2016 Day 18