Tony Penultimate

Newtown, Wales

I didnt stay at the band hotel in Evesham last night, as I had friends who came to the show who lived nearby - well thats what they said. It turned out that their house was a full forty miles away which took me a fifty minutes after the show to make my way there, through the pissing rain, on tiny country roads, in the pitch black etc etc. Anyway I musnt moan, it was good to see them, crazy country folk!

We've played Newtown several times before and the reception is always good here. After a drive of two and a half hours from my friends place, I arrived and had a look around the town:- its pretty and situated on the banks of the River Severn. We soundchecked and then had a meal ordered for us from the local Chinese takeaway - suprisingly good, there was no cutlery to eat the food with backstage until Dave, with customary aplomb, produced seven pairs of chopsticks (we actualy use them to hold together our music stands, so its not quite as esoteric as you might think).

We also had another meet and greet with a sponsor who has supported the Art on a Ukulele project (see yesterdays blog) and is known unto me as Richard Egerton - sometime reader of this blog!.....thanks for your support Rich and good to see you.

The show was a resounding success and the band received a standing ovation, and the signing table was packed.


Tomorrow is not likely to be fun as we have to make our way to Whitley Bay in the North East of England which is a trip of 250 miles, which the app says will take four and a half hours. However, that means without a stop, so its more likely it'll take a full six hours to drive there, inc stops for toilet breaks, food, petrol etc etc. We're all setting off at 9.30 in the morning. Check back tomorow to find out how it went........



Thanks Rich - it was great to see you too and always a pleasure!
On reflection I imagine a meet & greet just before the show is one of the last things you want to do so please thank everyone very much for making an always special night even more so. Whoever said 'Never meet your heroes' was wrong.

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