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New York Press & Gig Day

Today was a very busy day, so what follows is an extended photo essay. Usually, when I blog on tour, I'll take about 20 photos, edit them down to four or five, upload them, and then write the text around them.
But New York is such a phenomenally cinematic city, that I’ve taken over 300 pics just walking around with the band to various places - these are just a few of them!
After getting up at 6 o'clock, having got about six hours sleep, I went for breakfast round the corner and bumped into Jonty enjoying a coffee. He posed for me in a typical 'Edward Hopper' style diner photo. Jonty is by no means a lonely man, but this is New York, the city that gave us Donald Trump, I felt it appropriate to start off with some fake news.
The band all met up mid morning to go to Central Park for a morning filming session (for AFP, which is some sort of news agency I think).
Walking to the fountain in Central Park - friends in New York had warned me that it had been snowing in New Jersey the previous week, but it wasn't too cold, plus the sun was out. While I was pompously pointing out the Dakota building to Ben (where John Lennon lived and notoriously, where he was shot). Ben started taking pictures of a nondescript office building nearby. When I asked him what it was, he looked at me like I was mad and said: "thats the building from Ghostbusters" Meh, what do I know? - I've never seen that film!
Setting up for our performance - we played Highway to Hell and Sweet Dreams
Here's Ben and Leisa tuning up (and warming up!) before we perform.
We even drew a crowd!
On our way out of the park, I spotted this cute inscription on a park bench - somewhere out there, there's a canine who is sorely missed by someone - what a good way to remember them.
The Ukes on 5th Avenue - we walked for a while before taking a cab to the Rockerfeller Centre, where the band was going to do more tv stuff, while I went off to do a couple of radio interviews.
Passing St Patricks Cathedral
Walking near Radio City Music Hall
We arrived the Rockerfeller Centre and decided to take a break for lunch.
People are still skating in April, I'm sure this ice rink was featured in the film When Harry met Sally?
Half of us went to a Korean restaurant for lunch, the other half to a bakery. Peeling of our coats, Richie remarked that we all looked pretty preposturous, eating in tuxedos on a regular thursday lunchtime. The food was great by the way. Those other peeps sitting with us are Andrew Ousley (third left) who runs the PR company which organised all the interviews today and Jenny and Beth (right hand side) who work with him - great and fun people.
Posing with Paul, the studio owner (he makes great coffee)
After lunch, while the rest of the Ukes did their filmed bits at the Rockerfeller Centre, I went off to do the radio interviews (at a studio in the Flat Iron district, downtown, still in my tux, like an old time radio announcer) by link up with stations in Minnesota and Georgia. The questions were the usual schmusual (so Peter: the ukulele........why?) which I batted away with ease, apart from one about doppelgangers, the unbelievably Klassy Ukulele Orchestra, to which I babbled something bland and uncontroversial.
After that was done, I headed off to the soundcheck at the Poisson Rouge nightclub, which was a pretty cool place in Little Italy.
As the jet lag kicked in, Dave took a nap on this magnificent chair (dammit! he got there first - I was going to take a nap there....)
Briefly, and I'm typing this at 4am, having not been able to sleep, the gig went very well, and it was really good to see Bill (our US agent - very sweet guy) who came backstage to say hello and talk about future plans for the band (he wants us to play everywhere) or maybe he's trying to kill us - his surname is Capone. Congratulations to Ewan, who played (and danced) a blinder on his first show with the band and thank you to everyone who came along. Especial thanks to our PR - Andrew, Jenny and Beth, who made a long and stressful day good fun.
.......and as for me, its bedtime for Bonzo .........GOODNIGHT!


So many pop references!!! John Lennon, Harry Met Sally, Ghostbusters... PLUS so many landmarks of NY. AND you got to do radio! But my favorite part(as a connoisseur of naps myself) was that Dave beat you to the prime nap spot. :)

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