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So - up and at 'em for this gig in Neuhardenburg, which, according to the promoter, we had played five years ago (I can find no record of it on this blog). After a fairly full flight to Berlin, we arrived, to find that the weather was freezing with scattered snowshowers...

We hooked up with Viola (tour manager - on right) and jumped in two mini buses for the one and a half hour journey east to Neuhardenburg, whch is near the Polish border.

We dont often come to this side of Germany and the countryside, although flat, is not without its charms. The town of Neuhardenburg is fairly unremarkable, save for the fact that it was once part of some big estate in bygone days, which has now been restored to its former glory.

We arrived at our fabulously swanky hotel that we'd stayed in last time, apparently these were the stables of the old estate and they have been converted into a state of the art hotel with all mod cons. We were greeted with some fanfare upon arrival by the promoter Ralf shaking our hands and welcoming us back.

Schloss Neuhardenburg (our hotel)

It was a church gig (same as last time) and right next to the hotel so we wandered up for soundcheck, braced against the freezing cold wind.

Memorial on the way to the church - its a high res photo, so if any of my German readers want to enlighten me as to what it says, I'd be very interested!.

View into the church

Getting ready for soundcheck

The gig was good and though it was a small audience (about 350 peeps - sold out) they were highly enthusistic. We played a full 90 minute show, which we don't often do, due to the fact that an interval was pointless as there was nowhere for the audience to go (other than outside - which was freezing!). At the encore we were presented with another lovely gift of flowers - which we had to leave as they're not allowed on airplanes.

And so we flopped into the local hostelry, where we'd had our dinner before the gig, to unwind and chat with punters who'd watched the show. One pisser, we found out, is that our flight home (from Berlin) is cancelled due to bad weather. but Viola has heroically booked us on a later flight, which is why I've had the time to leisurely write this up. We're back to Germany in four days Campers so join me us in Bremen on thursday........





Thank you Klaus! Fascinating to read what it means.,..
Hi Peter, Thanks for the pictures. Although we still couldn't read the inscription, we Doug up the text in the internet: "Friedrich Wilhelm III. belehnte im Jahr 1814 seinen Staatskanzler, den Fürsten Karl August von Hardenberg durch die Schenkung der Herrschaft Neu Hardenberg. Zur Erinnerung an die Huld und Gnade des edlen Königs und an die Treue seines Dieners errichtete in Dankbarkeit dieses Denkmal Carl Adolph Christian Graf von Hardenberg im Jahre 1843" "Friedrich Wilhelm III. rewarded in 1814 his Chancellor, Prince Karl August von Hardenberg by donating the rule Neu Hardenberg. In remembrance of the grace and favour of the noble king and the loyalty of his servant this monument was built in gratitude by Carl Adolph Christian Graf von Hardenberg in 1843" Hope, this sheds some light ;-)
Hi Klaus, I’ll see if I can send it to you!
Hi Peter, we would be delighted to try a translation, but I regret that the resolution of the uploaded picture isn't so high after all... So, if you could update a picture if the plaque only, we will gladly give it a shot. Btw.: Best regards from Doris.

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